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 About H.N.S.   

H.N. Shukla Group of Colleges is designed as continues process which basically enhances the learning by the students. Market realities are changing fast, therefore, the various institutes of the College modify and upgrade their curriculum from time to time to provide the latest knowledge and skills to our students. As an added advantage, learning at H N Shukla Group of Colleges is not only restricted to the classroom but also through field visits, summer internship, vocational courses and constant interaction with industry personnel / professional experts.

H N Shukla Group of Colleges has manifested learning outcomes which broadly describe expected and desired consequences of learning through integrated curricular and co-curricular experiences. They provide us with a basis for ongoing assessment to continuously improve teaching and learning process.

  We offer courses like

  •   1. Information technology course it will enhance qualities to meet the modern world.
  •   2. Management courses are offered to manage the upcoming trends in various fields
  •   3. Arts field to make up the world more beautiful by creating extra ordinary changes where needed.
  •   4. Law is taught to make the world a beautiful place to live with honesty with rules and regulations which are governed with utmost discipline.
  •   5. Science is a way of life to go hand in hand with technological world.
  •   6. Pharmacy, nursing, Ayurvedic, homeopathic such courses for making lives stable in this unstable world.
  •   7. Diploma courses for students to love their own field of interest.
  •   8. Social connection is established by offering social courses

  Our Educational Activities

  •   1. Guest Lectures
  •   2. Expert Lectures by eminent persons from Industry & Academic
  •   3. Industrial/ Field Visits
  •   4. Use of Audio Visual Aids in Teaching Learning Process
  •   5. Seminars/Workshops on Emerging Innovative Avenues in various technical/ non-technical fields by Industry Experts .
  •   6. Students/Faculty Exchange Programs in collaboration with various renowned International Universities in various parts of the world.

 Our Vision   

The transformation of "Shree H.N.Shukla College" into "Shree H.N.Shukla Group of Colleges" aptly reflects the efforts put in by the president, Mr.Nehal C.Shukla, He envisions the college to be a platform where education plays vital role to make upcoming plans as: - Of the Students, By the Students and For the Students A place where students are in center of attraction to make any plans for future, Effective Teaching Learning Process lays strong foundation for achieving academic success. Our innovative and comprehensive curriculum enables our students acquire knowledge of fundamentals, requisite skills and expertise expected from the future professionals.

 Our Mission   

The college has been established with the motto 'Sky is the Limit' .Liberal Education establishes an invaluable foundation for more specialized study in one's major or in one of the professions, and for a life-long affinity for learning and continuing intellectual development. Our College is the youngest management in Saurashtra, ever-growing and ever-expanding, scaling new heights in the academic field.

 Our Values   

The 3A gives us the aim to run the organization better and better day by day.

  •   1. Academics
  •   2. Activities
  •   3. Attitude

We impart values like honesty, sincerity, self-respect, kindness, politeness and loyalty towards work in our H N Shukla Family. To make better citizens and better human being, our efforts will not go in vein and we will give best results to our country by educating the lives which are connected with us.

  •   1. The best Learning Outcomes for all our programmes
  •   2. Effective Teaching Methods/ Content Delivery
  •   3. Continuous Assessment
  •   4. Innovative Approach adopted by Shree H N Shukla Group of Colleges in Teaching Learning Process.