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 Dr.Nehal Shukla

Dr.Nehal Shukla is a general secretary Gujarat of bjp Yuva morcha, director-Gujarat state higher secondary board Gandhinagar, syndicate & academic council member of Saurashtra University. Outside of his Industry experience, Dr.Nehal Shukla is a active volunteer for Intonations, an organization that seeks to bring together expats living away from their home countries to discover their current cities in a culturally immersive way.

Shree H.N.Shukla College was established in the year 1999-2000 which has today transformed into Shree H.N.Shukla Group of Colleges. In this journey of growth, development and expansion, the institute has never compromised with its aim of total and overall development of the students by providing them a conducive and familiar atmosphere in which they can acquire expert knowledge and develop their hidden talents. Dr.Nehal Shukla is an Embodiment of the dictum A Leader is one who knows the way, shows the way and goes away. Dr.Nehal Shukla has been dedicated to the cause of education ever since his student-hood. His commitment to education found expression in his delight efforts towards transforming the education system by leading the cause of education as a student leader.


Dr.Nehal Shukla had his schooling from Saint Marys School, Rajkot and Higher Secondary from Lal Bahadur School, Rajkot. In addition to this, he had Bachelors in Commerce from P.D. Malaviya College, Rajkot. Bachelors in Law from A.M.P. Law College, Rajkot. He completed his doctoral research from Saurashtra University, Rajkot under the Guidance of D.R.G.C. Bhimani.

Edupreneurial Zeal

Dr.Nehal Shukla has always stood for new ideas and has challenged status-quo. It was his passion for innovation and entrepreneurial zeal that led to establishment for Shree H.N. Shukla College in the year 1999, dedicated to the memories of his Grandfather. With the passage time with able leadership of Nehal Shukla numerous other institutes are added offering variety of programmes. This is how he acquired magnitude of HNS Group.

Visionary Politician

Dr.Nehal Shukla is the son of Shree Chimanbhai Shukla, who is an Eminent social worker and renowned political activist. Nehal Shukla has inherited political acumen and leadership qualities from his father and he has been carrying forward the legacy of the visionary with his passion and determination to contribute to the nation. Recognizing his contribution, he has been given the responsibility of General Secretary Youth Wing by Bhartiya Janta Party.


  • 1. BJP Gujarat, General Secretary (Mahamantri ) Yuva Morcha .
  • 2. Member of Syndicate & Senate Saurashtra University since 2002.
  • 3. Member of Academic Council Saurashtra University since 2002.
  • 4. Director- Gujarat Higher Secondary & Secondary Education Board, Gandhinagar.
  • 5. Other than Dean, Faculty of law, Saurashtra University, Rajkot.


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 Dr.Mehul Rupani

The person of extraordinary efforts in whatever he does. The person with skills of combining all the work in a bouquet of fabulous management styles which will provide all solutions to all the problems with just one idea in your mind and our execution. My main objective is to support students, teachers, and parents to ensure student success and academic confidence that will benefit our scholars throughout their entire educational process. I will be working diligently with the fine staff of HNS to make my transition as seamless as possible.

Edupreneurial Zeal

He is that the organization will continue to move forward, having witnessed many positive responses that our website & social media has brought in the past few years. There is increasing information now available on all types of tremor & in the public domain via our website. He is excited by what we could achieve in the years ahead in regard to raising awareness and helping fund cutting edge research.


  1. 1) Executive Council (syndicate) of saurashtra university Academic Council, Saurashtra University.
  2. 2) All Gujarat Self Finance Nursing Association.
  3. 3) All Gujarat Self Finance Paramedical Association.
  4. 4) 1098-child line project.
  5. 5) Sunbeam Entertainment & Education Pvt. Ltd.
  6. 6) Shri Pujit Rupani Memorial Trust.
  7. 7) Global Indian School.


  • 1) Dean and Science Faculty at Saurashtra University.
  • 2) He is the Director and Trustee in many organizations.
  • 3) President of Gujarat finance nursing association.


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  Mr. Sanjay Vadhar

It has been a great pleasure for me to welcome you all in Shree H.N.Shukla Group of Colleges. Education is making students aware of the infinite potential within and bringing it up so that the result is transformation of personalities. Education should bring students out of their comfort zone and challenge them to reach out for their best of abilities. We have endeavoured our best efforts so that our students turn out At Shree H.N.Shukla Group of Colleges, you will find the right environment, the right facilities, qualitative academics with weekly and monthly planning and study material in soft and hard copy, various activities and celebrations of festivals, seminars, picnics, day celebration etc. and professors and experts who will engage your ward into constructive learning activities that will bring out and nurture the leader lies within you. Our motto says, 'Sky is the Limit ', it means there is no limit and anything is possible. we are committed to give the very best of all essentials in the field of academics so that we see the motto coming true in the lives of our students and we rest in the assurance that somewhere some soul has breathed better because of Shree H.N.Shukla Group of Colleges. After the selection of the successful career, may you get the success and growth in your life. Our best wishes are with you.


  • 1. Director of Sunbeam Entertainment & Education Pvt.Ltd.
  • 2. Trustee of Global Indian School
  • 3. Trustee of Shree H.N.Shukla Group of Colleges
  • 4. Director of Rushi Raj Education Foundation